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A Guide to Office Lighting

Office lighting can significantly impact the well-being and productivity of employees and create a good impression on clients. Improving office lighting is not only about installing new bulbs. It involves putting into consideration a number of issues including the degree of lux, homogeneity, radiance and color temperature. Most working areas often use fluorescent flickering lights which tend to strain the eyes of staff and can trigger symptoms of migraines. The use of LED lighting has been considered the best lighting to illuminate office spaces since it’s considered more energy-efficient and doesn’t flicker. Moreover, it’s mild and soft and alleviates headaches due to its higher quality.

Office Lighting Options

There are several options for lighting your office to ensure there’s a positive impact on your company’s image. General office lighting, usually known as ambient lighting like the ceiling fixtures is an essential aspect since it illuminates a large area of the office. LEDs offer perfect creative design options for this kind of lighting. Task lighting like desk lamps, standing floor lamps and motion sensor lighting placed outside, always need to be personalized depending on the needs of an individual. Clip-on spotlights and swing arm desk lamps are considered great options with myriads of designs that best suit an individual’s changing needs.


Office lighting certainly has a great impact on any company. It’s believed that creating great office lighting increases the productivity of your employees. Simple and elegant lighting will create a highly corporate atmosphere and a more vibrant ambiance which will greatly reflect the brand of your company. Office lighting can also be used to highlight important areas of your work area including reception, walkways, and desk. With the number of different lighting systems available, you can never run short of options for suitable lighting systems in your work station. Visit us today for new office lighting fittings or replacements.